By Dick Morris on December 18, 2008

Is there no end to the arrogance of our elected officials? Having assisted in foisting Rod Blagojevich on the voters of Illinois, the Democrats in Springfield have refused to strip him of the power to appoint a new Senator for fear that they might lose a special election, as voters seethe over Blagojevich’s corruption. Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan refused to allow passage of legislation mandating a special election, insisting that Obama’s replacement be chosen by the governor – however corrupt he may be.

Of course, the state legislature is threatening to move ahead with impeachment, but there is no guarantee that they could do so in time to stop the crazy governor from appointing a new Senator before they vote. And United State Senate appointments by a sitting governor are final. There is no legislative confirmation at either the state or the federal level.

Voters in Illinois desperately want the opportunity to choose their own Senator, their faith in the appointive process having been shaken beyond repair. A recent statewide poll found that by a margin of 66-26, Illinois wants to choose its next Senator in a special election rather than through gubernatorial appointment. They should have the chance to do so.

Every major spot in Illinois state government is now held by a Democrat. One party government, by either party, breeds the kind of arrogant corruption and self-seeking of which Blagojevich has become the poster child.

Should Illinois Hold A Special Election To Fill Obama’s Vacant Senate Seat? Vote Here Now!

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