The Democratic Assault On Black Men

By Dick Morris on February 3, 2022

The Democratic Party in general, and the Biden Administration in particular, are at war with black fathers.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement attacks the traditional nuclear family and echoes the views of the radical LGBTQ community in promoting father-less child rearing. (See their literature such as the popular book Heather Has Two Mommies).

The radical left’s social assault on the nuclear family is an attack on the black father who is vital to child rearing and economic security among black families. The radical agenda may play well in Greenwich Village and Berkley, but it is deadly for the black family. It condemns African American children to growing up without male role models and often leads to one-parent (and one-income) households. As Senator Patrick Moynihan famously predicted, the collapse of the black nuclear family is the surest route to black child poverty.

In past social eras, those who wanted to reduce black poverty focused, correctly, on raising black incomes and status. But now, the BLM left is seeking too often to replace black men entirely with black women from the LGBTQ community. It won’t work.

Nowhere is this bias against black men more evident than in the avowed determination of Biden to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. Not a black man or a black person but a black woman. Black men need not apply.

Such an appointment would bring the total of women of either race on the Court to four of nine while there would remain only one black man, a Republican, Clarence Thomas.

Polls — including a recent one John Jordan, John Mclaughlin, and I conducted — indicate that black men are two and a half times more likely to self-identify as Republicans and were twice as likely to vote for Trump.

If the Republican Party is to make major inroads among black voters, it will have to be among African American men.

Just as patriotism and a commitment to America led Hispanics to abandon the Democratic Party as the progressive left pulled it in an ever more virulent anti-American direction, so the increasing social focus of the same movement prioritizing the LGBTQ agenda over strengthening black families will drive black voters to the Republicans.

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