Ten Points Trump Needs To Make Tonight

By Dick Morris on September 26, 2016

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For a full explanation of Dick’s advice to Trump in the debate, get Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary. Here are some of the points from the book.

1) That none of Hillary’s name-calling is true. By his answers and demeanor show that he is not: sexist, racist, deplorable, reckless, unpredictable, buffoon, homophobe, Islamaphobe. Once he shows he is a reasonable person, all of Hillary’s negative ads go away.

2) He needs to say that Hillary used a secret e mail server to cover up the pay for play operations of the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s speeches. He should demand that Hillary promise to close the Foundation if she is elected. It’s not enough to leave Bill or Chelsea in charge. And she should also pledge that neither Bill nor Chelsea will take speaking fees while she is in office.

3) He should demand the release of the Charlotte video tape of the police shooting so we get the facts and can find out the truth of what happened. Until then, we must keep an open mind.

4) He should say that the school choice is the civil rights issue of our time and that it is the only way to stop schools from reflecting the racial segregation and ghettoization of our communities.

5) He needs to say that New York City was hit by terrorists because they closed the Demographics Unit that monitored Muslims and Muslim neighborhoods. They gave the goal the night off and, after the unit stopped 20 separate plots since 9-11, it wasn’t around to stop the 21st.

6) He must make explicit the correlation between stopping refugees from terrorist areas and preventing future attacks. He should blast Obama’s announcement that he will admit 110,000 more refugees this year and say they could and probably will be seeded with enough terrorists to hold our nation on edge for years.

7) He needs to stress that ObamaCare is crashing of its own weight. Most of the newly insured people are coming in through Medicaid, basically welfare. He should urge ending the mandatory aspects of the program but keeping the provisions for portability and no termination or premium increases when you get sick. He should say Hillary will move to government run medicine which she has always really supported.

8) Hillary is getting all the Wall Street money; She and Bill reaped massive speaking fees and Foundation donations from banks right after Bill deregulated the banks and paved the way of the 07-08 meltdown. He should pledge to reinstate Glass-Steagall.

9) Hillary should take and release an MRI exam. Risk of dementia in a president is not one the nation can afford.

10) Hillary will flip on TPP once elected and cannot be trusted to protect American jobs. Challenge her to say NAFTA has hurt America now that our trade deficit with Mexico increased from a surplus of 1.6 billion in 1993 (the year before NAFTA) to a deficit of $61 billion in 2015.

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