Tell Obama To Protect Israel!

By Dick Morris on March 5, 2012

Dear Friend,

Click Here to sign the petition to tell Obama to protect Israel!

This week, President Obama is going to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the looming disaster of Iranian nuclear weapons. At this critical juncture, we need to maximize the pressure on Obama to offer Israel our full support in whatever she has to do to protect her citizens from a second holocaust.

The very core reason for the existence of the Jewish State is embodied in the slogan “never again!” Never again will Jews be led like sheep to the gas chambers! Israel will protect its people from annihilation. Will the United States stand by Israel?

Or will Obama plead with Israel to do nothing so as not to send gas prices soaring and endanger his re-election chances? Will he attempt to fend Israel off with vague promises of U.S. protection and a phony optimism about the efficacy of sanctions (sanctions the president only applied when Congress forced him to do so)?

Please sign the petition below to urge Obama to protect Israel. We will forward your signature to the president and to your Senators and Congressman. Please be sure to include your hard and e-address so we can do so.

It’s time to act!

Click Here to sign the petition to tell Obama to protect Israel!



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