By Dick Morris on September 13, 2011

Dear Friend,

The Palestinians have applied to the United Nations General Assembly to be admitted as a nation. If the U.N. admits these terrorists, the U.S. Congress should cut off all direct and indirect aid to the Palestinian Authority. They are terrorists pure and simple. The Palestinian Authority gave up any pretense of renouncing terrorism when they merged with Hamas. If the General Assembly votes to admit Palestine, the U.S. can still veto it in the Security Council. But on its own, the General Assembly can and will admit the Palestinian Authority as an observer on a par with the Vatican.

Observer status entitles the Palestinians to participate in U.N. organizations like the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the Council on Human Rights. Can you imagine the travesty of admitting a terrorist group to sit on either body? The United States gives billions in direct aid to the Palestinians and in indirect aid through the United Nations. We must petition Congress to put a halt to these funds if the UN grants the Palestinian Authority observer status.

And we can succeed. The Republican House must affirmatively approve any aid to the Palestinian Authority. With enough support, we can persuade them to say no.

Please sign our online petition – CLICK HERE.

Please give us your name, hard address, and e-address. That way we can send your signature to your Senator and Congressman directly. We can make a difference. Please encourage your family and friends to log onto and sign our petition.

Please CLICK HERE to sign the online petition.

Thanks for your help,

Dick Morris

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