Sussmann Acquittal Gives Dems Immunity From Any Corruption Charges

By Dick Morris on June 1, 2022

The acquittal of attorney Michael Sussmann by a Washington D.C. jury effectively means that no Democrat can ever be convicted of any crime involving corruption as long as the crime has political implications and the trial is before a D.C. jury.

We now have one-party justice in America.

Despite overwhelming evidence that he lied to the FBI, Sussmann was found not guilty by a jury filled with Democrats.

Hillary Clinton got 91% of the votes of the residents of Washington D.C. in 2016.

Biden got 95%, proving that the jury pools are so highly partisan there that they’re incapable of judging the facts and acting impartially in a criminal case involving political charges against prominent Democrats.

Since the Department of Justice (DOJ) is located in the nation’s capital, this effectively means there is no way to hold Democrats responsible for their corrupt activities.

Instead of pretending that Washington D.C. is like any other venue when the charges involve corruption and the Democratic Party, prosecutors must bring these cases in other jurisdictions.

Defense attorneys must be allowed to successfully pursue motions to change venue.

Michael Sussmann’s law firm, Perkins Cole, is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Despite its Democratic leanings, a fair trial in Seattle is achievable. It’s not in D.C.

In the future the DOJ must bring its prosecutions outside of the Washington area to make justice possible. The case against Sussmann was overwhelming. He told the FBI that he was not acting on behalf of any client, much less the Clinton campaign, but then he billed his law firm for his time charging it to the Clinton campaign account.

His perjury could not be more obvious.

The fact that a Democratic jury overlooked these facts shows how biased it was and how impossible it is to get a fair trial of a Democrat in Washington.

It also puts into perspective the decisions of DOJ prosecutors not to charge Hillary in the email scandal or the State Department pay for play scandal.

They simply could not have gotten convictions. Nobody can.

The only solution is for the courts to recognize the difficulty in securing a fair trial in D.C.

The situation presents a grim metaphor: During the civil rights era, the Department of Justice recognized that it could not get a fair trial from an all white jury in the south when the charges involved racist crimes. That led to a prosecutorial strategy to avoid such juries.

In fact, the DOJ simply bypassed local laws and chose to prosecute even crimes like murder not under the criminal law of each state, but under the federal civil rights statutes thereby assuring a fair trial before an out of state jury — or no jury at all.

Prosecutors should attempt to bring their charges under federal statutes rather than under local D.C. criminal codes and federal judges must, in the interests of justice, let the venues from which juries are selected be changed to permit fair trials.

Democrats and Republicans are often corrupt, probably equally so. But we cannot tolerate a situation where the partisan bias of the jury grants Democrats a de facto immunity.

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