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By Dick Morris on June 23, 2021

Dear Friend,

If you are like me, your blood boiled when Congresswoman Liz Cheney threw President Trump under the bus by voting for his impeachment after he had left office.

She had just been re-elected to Congress from Wyoming, the most Republican state in the nation, by clinging to Trump’s coattails. Then, weeks after her own re-election, she turned on the president and voted to humiliate him by throwing him out of an office he had just vacated.

She postured that she had an obligation to be fair and responsible, but anybody who knows her realizes that she was just getting even, on behalf of the Bush and Cheney families for Trump’s defeat of Jeb in 2016, wrecking the family’s pretensions to a dynasty.

Fortunately, a great candidate has emerged in Wyoming to oppose her in next year’s election: Chuck Gray.

I first met Chuck when I invited him to be my guest on my new TV show on Newsmax, Dick Morris Democracy. He is a true conservative and a devoted supporter of President Trump.

As a Wyoming Republican State Rep., he has amassed quite a record of conservative action. He was the lead sponsor of:

• A photo voter ID law.

• A law requiring doctors to offer an ultra sound scan to women seeking abortions.

• A law that blocked the University of Wyoming from using state money to subsidize abortions by its students.

And, when the State of Washington was taken over by environmental extremists, he led the fight to sue Washington for refusing to build a coal export facility. Wyoming is landlocked and wants to build a terminal that would create thousands of jobs by exporting Wyoming coal to other states and countries. He forced the governor to sue and the case is making its way through the courts.

Pro-choice radicals, climate change militants, and those bent on winning elections through voter fraud do not intimidate Chuck. He has gotten awards from the American Conservative Union and Wyoming Right to Life for his service as a state legislator.

He is just the kind of pro-Trump conservative we can rally behind to send Liz Cheney back to her Virginia home.

Please join me in donating to Chuck Gray — CLICK HERE!

To learn more about the congressional race — CLICK HERE!

Keep the Faith!

Dick Morris


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