By Dick Morris on December 16, 2010

Dear Friend,

The Democratic Congress is trying to pull a fast one — two, in fact!

First, the Senate is jamming through a pork laden budget bill filled with projects that are payoffs to each Senators campaign donors. The budget bill also includes a $1 billion appropriation to fund Obamacare — enough to get it moving. We need to beat this bill! We have enough Republicans to do so if they hold together. But Voynovitch from Ohio and Kit Bond from Missouri are both possible defections. Neither one is running again. We need you to write and call your Senators to urge them to vote no on the budget and particularly no on the Obamacare funding!

Second, they are using their lame duck majority — explicitly rejected by the voters of America — to compromise our national security by ratifying the START treaty.

The treaty limits the US missile defenses and the preamble suggests that we would not engage in any new military technologies to thwart nuclear weapons! It also says we cannot convert any of our rockets into interceptors and it locks in about a ten thousand Russian edge in tactical nuclear warheads. It reduces strategic warheads — where there is now rough parity — but not tactical ones where Russia has a huge advantage.

And, why should we be rewarding Russia by relieving them of the expense of building new missiles and defense systems? Had Reagan followed this line of liberal thinking, the Cold War would never have been won! Remember that Russia’s economy is less than one-tenth the size of ours. So the best way to reduce their power is to make them divert spending into the military. That is the best way to accomplish our basic goal: To bring down a Russia increasingly focused on domination and replace it with a democratic nation that lives at peace with the world.

So please hit the phones!!!!!



Note: It’s important to let your senator know how you feel about New START. The vote on the treaty will take place soon. Please call your senator in Washington today at 202-224-3121.

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