By Dick Morris on January 27, 2011

Dear Friend,

Have we learned our lesson? Do we now know to nip aspiring, radical, charismatic Chicago politicians in the bud? We missed our chance once. Now a second chance is coming around again.

Rahm Emanuel – the most ruthless, aggressive, ambitious, radical, take-no-prisoners politician in America – is running for Mayor of Chicago. The bottom rung of his ladder. From there, it’s the Senate and then the White House. This time as the boss.

Let’s knock him off the bottom rung before he rises further. Stop him before his political career metastases.

His style? Do anything, attack anybody, adopt any pose to get elected. Sound like his mentor in the White House?

So now we have a chance to intervene and stop Rahm.

I know you probably don’t live in Chicago. But we all live in the United States and, make no mistake, the presidency is Rahm’s goal.

There is an alternative. Gery Chico, former Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard Daley, is Rahm’s chief competitor. (Not counting former Senator Carol Mosley-Brown who conveniently forgot to pay her taxes last year). Chico is not ideal. He’s no tea party activist. But he is honest. And he’s to the right of Rahm. And he’s running second.

Our goal? Force Rahm into a runoff against Chico. And Chico can win. And we will all be saved from Obama II in the form of Rahm Emanuel.

Please give to our PAC to stop Rahm. Go to and donate! You will find it a whole lot cheaper and easier to stop him now that you will in the future.

We let Obama climb the ladder. We learned our lesson. Now let’s stop Rahm.

To help stop Rahm – Click Here!


Dick Morris

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