Stop IRS Assault On Our Freedom!

By Dick Morris on February 13, 2014

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Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop IRS Assault On Our Freedom!

Over Thanksgiving last year, the IRS quietly announced new rules to govern political speech by conservative groups like the Tea Party. The rules had been formulated in secret since 2012 by Lois Lerner, the aide in charge of harassing Tea Party organizations (who took the Fifth Amendment before Congress).

The rules virtually prohibit any political speech by these groups, threatening to make them pay corporate tax rates on their donations if they speak out.

We have until the end of February to protest these new regulations. Already 23,000 people have done so and posted official comments on the government web site. This is more than twice the highest number of comments previously received by the agency. We want to pile them on! We want to reach 100,000 comments. The more we send, the harder it is for the IRS to pass the rule and the easier it is for a court to stay or reverse it.

Go to and then go to the SEARCH box and enter 134417-13 which is the code for the regulation in question. When it comes up, click on comment now and enter your comment attacking the regulation.

Then, enter your personal info (this gives your comment more weight and includes it in the tally) and submit.

Here are the details of the new regulation:

Right now, tax exempt c-4 groups must restrict political advocacy to 49% or less of their total activity. The Tea Party and other groups did so by limiting their intervention in elections or their opposition to policies like ObamaCare to 49% and doing nonpartisan voter registration, voter guides, get out the vote operations, and policing voter integrity for the 51%.

The new rule lumps all this activity into political speech. Any voter registration or voter integrity or any political activity at all now has to fit into the 49%.

What are they do to during the other 51%? Host dances, knitting clubs, calisthenics, serve tea?

If the Tea Party groups run afoul of the new regulations, they have to pay corporate income taxes on their donations. (Donors must still pay income taxes on their donations. That won’t change). So, out of every dollar they get, they will have to pay 28 cents to the feds. And it will be retroactive to 2009 when most of the groups were formed. With penalties. With interest.

Obviously, this new regulation means death for these groups.

Please go to and follow the procedure above to register your opposition.

And, please ALSO sign this petition. We will send an email in your name to your Congressman and your Senators urging them to overrule the IRS regulation.

Please act now. Our freedom is at stake!

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop IRS Assault On Our Freedom!


Dick Morris

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