By Dick Morris on January 20, 2012

Dear Friend,

President Obama has rejected the Keystone Pipeline costing the U.S. a real shot at energy independence and hundreds of thousands of jobs. Bowing to extremist environmental pressure groups, he vetoes the project saying it needs more review — after years of study by the U.S. government! What he means is he wants to wait until after the election! Half of our oil from Canada — one-eighth of our total oil imports — would have flowed through this pipeline. We could replace oil from enemies like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Russia with friendly oil from Canada had Obama said yes. Speaker John Boehner says “this fight is not over.” Sign this petition to your Senators and Congressman to override Obama’s veto! With the unions and concerned Americans opposing his decision, we have a good shot at prevailing!

Please sign this petition to approve the Keystone Pipeline – Click Here!



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