Sean Spicer Writes A Halloween Catalogue Of Biden Horrors

By Dick Morris on November 9, 2021

Former Trump press secretary, and current Newsmax host, Sean Spicer had an excellent idea to celebrate Halloween. While some decorate their lawns with ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, and such, Sean has published a book — Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America.

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Among the ghouls with which he festoons his lawn are vivid and terrifying descriptions of the Biden Administration’s plans for our country. You’ve got to read this book to grasp the magnitude of the challenges we, as conservatives, face:

1. A world without American power to protect us against the dangers posed by Iranian nuclear weapons, North Korean intercontinental missiles, Chinese internet mind control, an invasion of Taiwan, and Russian domination of Western Europe through its monopoly of their energy supplies brought in by pipeline direct from Russia.

2. An economy beset by runaway inflation, a currency debased and, increasingly rejected globally, and a permanent stagflation.

3. Third trimester abortions that almost amount to legalized infanticide.

4. An energy policy that dooms our economy and subordinates us to China, which observes no climate restrictions.

5. A nation packed with illegal immigrants, dangerous drugs, human traffickers, and destitute, abandoned children.

6. Schools that teach anti-white racism and radically subordinate woman’s rights to the LBGT-Q agenda

7. A virtual end freedom of the press with big tech censors deciding what we can read, see, or hear.

8. A packed Supreme Court and a Senate that is no longer a deliberative body, but a rubber stamp

9. Fraudulent voting practices and rules embodied and protected by federal law

10. Forced unionization and discrimination against small businesses and individual proprietorships.

But Spicer’s vision is no Halloween horror story. It is the Biden/Harris/Pelosi/Sanders/Schumer agenda that has largely already been enacted in the House.

If it to pass the Senate, it would make America unrecognizable. Read Radical Nation!

This wonderful book may well be our final warning before we are taken into the socialist/totalitarian abyss. Read it and work your butt off to stop it from coming true.

To Purchase Sean Spicer’s New Book Radical NationCLICK HERE!

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