By Dick Morris on March 31, 2010

As George Santayana said, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If America had truly learned from the history of the Reagan years on the one hand, and the background of its putative president Barack Obama on the other, Sean Hannity would not have had to write his new book Conservative Victory. But, unfortunately our nation did not learn from either Reagan’s history or Obama’s biography and made a huge mistake. Now we find ourselves engulfed in class warfare, one party dictatorial governance, and government autocracy. Meanwhile our enemies grow stronger basking in Obama’s appeasement while our long standing allies suffer his humiliations.

So we all need to read Hannity’s book to remind ourselves of what we should have known before we elected Obama in 2008.

Sean takes us through the chilling theology of Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the politics of Bill Ayers. We learn of the early, Marxist influences on the future president as he grew up in Indonesia. Obama’s friends, associates, and appointees parade before our eyes with their sordid history of radical advocacy. By the time we have finished, we wish America had listened when Hannity spelled all this out before the election.

Then Sean turns to the one year history of the Obama presidency, showing how his economic policies have backfired and are more likely to fuel than to decrease unemployment.

But Hannity also writes of more pleasant histories. He restates the gospel of Reaganism and reminds us of Newt Gingrich’s campaign to retake America in 1994. With these lessons in mind, he calls for a Republican victory in 2010, scorning the idea of a third party, much as Reagan did, but calling instead for a new first party of Republican conservatism.

When one puts down Sean’s book, one is overwhelmed by the enormity of the mistake America made in 2008. We are left wondering if our nation took leave of its senses and we ponder why it ignored the warnings people like Hannity tried to sound as the election progressed.

In two weeks, we will try to pick up the narrative from the point to which Sean has so eloquently advanced it. In our new book, 2010: Take Back America – The Battle Plan (coming out on April 13th), we sketch the brand new dangers – thus far unreported — that lie ahead if we give Obama two more years of a Democratic Congress. We identify the new Democratic Senatorial and Congressional targets at which we must aim and defeat. We discuss the new strategy we will need to win and outline the role each of us must play in the battle.

Together, our book and Sean’s volumes present a clear case for change in 2010. They tell us where we have been, what mistakes we have made, the dangers that lie ahead and offer a road map showing us how to alter America’s course.

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