Screwed! Debuts At #3 On NYT Best Seller List!!! THANK YOU!

By Dick Morris on May 17, 2012

Driven by its focus on treaties that give away American sovereignty, Screwed!, the new book by Dick Morris and his wife Eileen McGann, debuted at number 3 on the New York Times best seller list for its first week of publication. The success was powered by especially high e-book sales!

Dick and Eileen said, “Thank you all so very much for your loyalty and support. Your buying of our book means so much to us. It’s one thing to shout in the wilderness. It’s quite another to know that someone out there is listening!”

Dick added that “it is very gratifying to see so many people so concerned about how Obama is giving away our wealth and sovereignty to other countries” and Eileen added “we hope that this focus carries through to Election Day so we can oust Obama.”

Screwed! details:

* How the Law of the Sea Treaty, the International Criminal Court, the Small Arms Control Treaty, the Rights of the Child Covenant, and the Code of Conduct for Space endanger our security, plunder our wealth, and enrich third world autocratic regimes.

* How China’s espionage, hacking, and industrial spying are ripping off American technology — both civilian and military — and endangering our technological superiority…all by theft

* How Saudi Arabia uses our oil money to incite Islamist terrorist throughout the world while we defend its regime with the lives of our troops

* How our aid to Pakistan is, literally, being used to finance terror groups that kill our soldiers

* How we are subsidizing the international drug trade by backing the Karzai regime, rated the second most corrupt of the 189 nations in the world.

* How Chavez is building an alliance with Iran that includes a missile capability to attack targets in the U.S. mainland.

* How we give massive amounts of foreign aid to our country’s worst enemies and terror sponsors.

* How our former Congressional leaders retire from public office to take jobs lobbying for our enemies.

If you haven’t bought your copy of Screwed! yet, please do! It includes, for each issue, a concrete action agenda of what we can do together to meet the challenges to America’s greatness and sovereignty.

Click Here to order a copy of Dick and Eileen’s new book, SCREWED!


Click Here to order a copy of Dick and Eileen’s new book, SCREWED!

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