By Dick Morris on November 26, 2007

After months of coasting atop the national polls, seemingly unconcerned with the growth of Romney support in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Michigan, Rudy Giuliani has come down off his perch and attacked Romney during a campaign swing in New Hampshire. The switch represents an increasing dose of realism in the Giuliani campaign which is gradually coming to understand the impact of a Romney sweep of the first three primaries. Rudy’s best bet would be to help Huckabee win in Iowa. It is a bridge too far for Rudy to pull it out this late in the game and a Huckabee victory inIowa would not translate into the momentum Romney might need to win in N.H.. If Huckabee wins in Iowa, there will be a close three way fight in New Hampshire of Giuliani, Huckabee, and Romney. If Romney doesn’t win in New Hampshire, he will never be seen or heard from again.

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