By Eileen McGann on April 18, 2007

Where’s Ron? Last month, Ron Burkle, Bill and Hillary’s uber-fundraiser, held a gala event for Hillary’s Hollywood supporters at his Malibu mansion. He’s also listed as one of her 84 bundlers – the people who solicit other donors and collect their checks.

But apparently Ron forgot to make a contribution himself – he’s not listed anywhere on Hillary’s Exploratory Committee filing.f

Remember Ron? He’s the one who hired Bill Clinton to ‘advise’ him – and to introduce him to the Emir of Dubai. Ron was one of only three of the 84 bundlers who did not make a personal contribution: joining him were Kimberly Marteau, former Clinton appointee to U.S.I.A., and Great Neck mortgage broker Keith Kantrowitz.

Speaking of Hillary’s bundlers, apparently some of them don’t understand that there’s a $4600 limit on contributions. Several sent in more than the legally allowable donation:

Pat Maloney, plaintiff attorney from San Antonio, Texas was listed as having made total contributions of $9200- twice the legal limit. Hillary’Committee noted that it was “seeking reattribution.” That sounds like looking for the name of another donor, doesn’t it?

Bashar Masri, founder of Massar Associates, a Palestinian management consulting firm in D.C. sent in $9200; his wife Jane also sent in $9200, as did a Zeid Masri. Those excess contributions are all listed as “seeking reattribution.”

Indian American banker Arvind Raghunathan and Sribala Subramanian each sent in $5000 – $400 over the legal limit. On those contributions, however, the Clinton filing indicated that there would be a partial refund of the relatively small amount in the next quarter.

Contributors – but not bundlers – Arielle and Morris Wolfson of Far Rockaway, New York also sent in $9200 each.And, again, the Clinton campaign is seeking “reattribution.”

How come there’s no refund in the next quarter for the large overpayments?

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