By Dick Morris on June 6, 2007

Mitt Romney looked good and sounded good in the debate last night. Image is a key part of politics and Romney did very well at projecting a very good image. His answers were articulate and on target. I haven’t thought very highly of Romney in this contest, but he did very well last night. He exuded charisma.

Giuliani also did very well. While looking older than Romney, he did a very good job of addressing the issue of terrorism and showing his toughness and good sense. His answers were sharp and to the point. When he embarrassed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer by asking whether the media would cover good news in Iraq with as much relish as it covers bad news. Rudy entered the debate as the front runner and left it in the same condition.

The loser was John McCain. His immigration answer hurt him in the Republican primary. His answers lacked the snap of Rudy’s or Romney’s. With McCain vying with Romney and Thompson for second place, he slipped in this debate.

And let me say it again. Mike Huckabee showed a unique ability to turn a phrase, project his values, and reach the people on a basic level. He deserves to make it to the first tier.

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