Rogue Spooks # 2 and #3: Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS Founder, Glenn Simpson

By Dick Morris on August 12, 2017

In their new book, Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War On Donald Trump, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann detail the roles of Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson in producing the phony dossier that was created to dig up dirt that the donors hoped would, destroy the Trump candidacy and undermine his presidency.

Steele, a former MI6 spook, was hired by Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm known for its smear campaigns.

Fusion GPS was paid for the dossier project by anonymous Hillary Clinton donors — and Fusion refuses to say who they were.

While Steele and Simpson were peddling the dossier before it was made public, now they are refusing to talk about it.

Steele and Simpson are in hiding and don’t want to give any information to Congress — or anyone else!

Simpson stiffed the Judiciary Committee by producing newspaper articles instead of the contracts and communications demanded by the Committee.

Steele refused to meet with investigators from the House Investigations Committee, who visited his office in London. He’s also fighting a court order for a deposition in Florida.

Since the dossier has been publicized in January, Steele was sued by one of a number of people who were falsely named in the document. That court case is progressing.

For a full background and understanding of Steele’s background, possible motivations, and role in the dossier:

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Rogue Spooks – The Intelligence War On Donald Trump

Find out about:

• Steele’s determination to get the fabricated dossier to FBI Director Comey AFTER the election.

• Steele’s cloak and dagger scheme to get the dossier to Senator John McCain to get it to Comey, including secret passwords and clandestine meetings.

• Steele’s admission that many of the key claims in the dossier were “unverified” and needed “further investigation.”

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