By Dick Morris on March 7, 2011

Dick and Eileen’s new book: Revolt!: How To Defeat Obama and Repeal His Socialist Programs – A Patriot’s Guide identifies the vulnerable Senate Democrats and explains how to beat them:

The Vacancies

We need four seats to control the Senate and three likely pickups are Democratic retirements in red states: North Dakota, Virginia, and New Mexico. In Virginia, former Governor and Senator George Allen offers the best chance of victory. We also expect that Herman Kohl, Democrat of Wisconsin, may retire – if he knows what’s good for him!

Ben Nelson, Nebraska

After his vote for Obamacare, we have waited for 2012 to come around so we could beat Ben Nelson! And it is not just Obamacare. Read how Nelson pushed an amendment that would have benefited one company: Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. And, by coincidence, he and his wife own between $1.5 million and $6 million in the company’s stock, their largest investment!

We hope that Republican Governor Dave Heineman takes him on. Rasmussen shows him ahead of Nelson by 61-30!

Jon Tester, Montana

Elected by a margin of less than one point in 2006, we can beat Tester! In the Senate, he is known as Max Jr., following the senior senator Max Bacus (sponsor of Obamacare) around like a puppy.

His opponent: Denny Rehberg, the Republican at-large Congressman. It’s one of the top races in America and the polls already have Rehberg ahead!

In Revolt!, we expose Tester’s unique way of raising money. He sponsored 95 earmarks in 2010, costing us $138 million. And then he turned around and took $2.5 million in kickback/campaign contributions from the earmark recipients and their lobbyists! That’s how he’s raised 36% of his campaign money!

Bob Casey, Pennsylvania

Masquerading as pro-life, in the image of his father the Governor, in Revolt!, we detail his pro-choice votes. Casey got a 65% favorable rating from NARAL – the National Abortion Rights League. Some pro-lifer!

After Pennsylvania elected a Republican senator and governor, it is ready to throw out Casey the counterfeit!

Claire McCaskill, Missouri

The ultra-liberal from Missouri favors a public option on Obamacare and laments that the stimulus was too small!

In Revolt!, we expose how she benefits from her husband’s tax dodge, a $1 million reinsurance company based in Bermuda. Why there? Either it’s the pink sand or the tax shelter.

Her best opponent is Sarah Steelman, former Missouri Treasurer and a conservative Republican. Steelman was the first state treasurer in the nation to boycott companies that did business with Iran!

Bill Nelson, Florida

With the largest elderly population in America, Bill Nelson will have a hard time explaining his vote to cut Medicare by $500 billion. (He says he voted to “prolong” it not to cut it!).

We should beat Nelson and there are two strong candidates: Mike Haridopoulis and Connie Mack.

In Revolt!, we also lay out the case against:

Herbert Kohl, Wisconsin

Joe Manchin, West Virginia

Sherrod Brown, Ohio

Robert Menendez, New Jersey

Debbie Stabenow, Michigan

…In all, we could pick up 13 seats in the Senate!


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