Republican House Dissidents Have Not Made A Case Against McCarthy

By Dick Morris on January 4, 2023

In Nancy Pelosi, the country has seen a legislative leader who has ruled with an iron, dictatorial fist, forcing Democrats to vote for outrageous, woke policies they would never have embraced on their own.

And in Mitch McConnell, we are witnessing a leader who has no ideology or even any ideas and who looks to compromise and sell out at every opportunity.

The dissident movement in the House among the newly elected Republican majority smacks of a reaction to Pelosi’s and McConnell’s styles and a critique of each that, while accurate, has nothing to do with Kevin McCarthy.

We have no evidence that he is a would-be tyrant or a likely sellout. Until we do, the House dissidents are undermining the credibility of the GOP by blocking him based on guilt by association.

Chaos used to be a Democratic thing while the Republicans were the grownups in the room who were able to work together and govern. But now the dissident move to stop McCarthy is showing the country Republican chaos vs. Democratic order.

With our national problems so acute and dissatisfaction with our direction so widespread, it is exceedingly dangerous for the newly elected Republican Congress to appear unable to select a leader.

Before you launch a revolution, you must convince the country that one is needed, and that the ancient regime has failed. But there has been no successful effort to enumerate why a McCarthy speakership would be a disaster.

Until the dissidents make their case, they should not paralyze the new House majority.

Many of the dissidents are pushing for institutional reforms in the House as the price of supporting McCarthy. But Pelosi’s dictatorship stemmed not from undemocratic procedures in the House but from her own iron persona and a united phalanx of Democratic leftists who, like sheepdogs, kept the herd in line by threatening primary fights as they nipped at its heels.

Nor is there evidence that McCarthy is a McConnell waiting to cave into the Democratic agenda in return for a bite of pork.

We Republicans face more serious enemies than McCarthy and more urgent tasks than his ouster.

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