Put Obamacare Back In Play

By Dick Morris on August 3, 2012

When Justice Roberts folded and held the Obamacare law constitutional, he upheld the individual mandate. But he gave us all an individual mandate: To defeat Obama and repeal this horrible law!

But the Romney campaign — and the Super PACs — have not put this issue in play against Obama. We need an avalanche of ads explaining how the health care law will force rationing of medical services, worsen the shortage of doctors, tax young people out of one month’s income, and raise all of our health care premiums.

Since everybody knows the law has passed but many don’t realize that it has not yet taken effect, a lot of voters regard the predicted harms from the new law as matters of conjecture and wonder if they are real or not. By 2014, they will know darn well that they are real but it will be too late to do anything about it.

Voters still oppose the health care law by the same 39-54 margin (Rasmussen) that they always have. But it is muted by the absence of public discussion. Romney has done well in making the economy the issue, but has not made Obamacare a second national focus.

His supporters — both those with checkbooks and those without — need to rally to bring this issue front and center to our politics as the presidential campaign enters its final stage. Justice Roberts gave us a gift as well as a challenge when he put the issue squarely before the voters in the fall elections. Whether he was right or wrong to leave the heavy lifting to us, we must rise to the occasion and beat this law.

The New York Times has just recently discovered that you cannot treat thirty million new people and have a diminishing supply of doctors and expect medical care to remain the same. We need to elaborate this conclusion and explain what is at stake.

IF Obamacare is not repealed, seniors will not be able to get the care they need because they do not have enough QLYs remaining (Quality Life Years). The authoritarian regime of math will take over. Does your hip replacement cost $300,000? But are you 84 and have only three QLYs left? Our guidelines do not permit us to spend $100,000 per QLY. Permission denied.

Do you want Avastin to treat your cancer? It costs $80,000 a year. Denied. Take the second best medicine instead and hope for the best.

These are the kinds of Draconian choices which loom ahead under Obamacare. We have to spread the word, mobilize and beat the law by beating Obama.

The Supreme Court has left us no choice.

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