Protect Homeschooling: Defeat UN Treaty On Disabilities

By Dick Morris on July 1, 2013

Dear Friend,

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Protect Homeschooling And Defeat UN Treaty On Disabilities!

Under the new Treaty on Disabilities, now before the Senate for ratification, if the UN decides that homeschooling or private schools or church schools are not environments that “maximizes academic and social development” in disabled children, they can force everyone to send their disabled children to public schools.

The UN is pushing an international treaty to regulate how all nations treat the disabled. Since the US is way ahead of the rest of the world in this category, the UN treaty doesn’t go further than our own laws do. But, once the treaty is in force, it would be binding on us and we couldn’t change it without UN approval.

The Treaty was rejected by the Senate right after the election but the liberals are pushing it again and it is coming up soon in the Senate for ratification.

The Treaty would force other huge changes in how we treat disabled children. Right now, under existing US law, the state can intervene in a divorced, broken, or dysfunctional family and act “in the best interests of the child.” But the UN Treaty would permit the state to intervene even in functional, intact families. It would supersede the family’s ability to make its own decisions for its disabled children and would vest that power in the state.

In addition, there is no definition of disability in the treaty and many worry that the UN might expand the definition to give itself more power.

Please sign this petition to stop the ratification of the UN Treaty on Disabilities.

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Protect Homeschooling And Defeat UN Treaty On Disabilities!

Thank you,

Dick Morris

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