Press The House Holdouts To Stop Hurting The GOP

By Dick Morris on January 6, 2023

After possible House Speaker Kevin McCarthy acceded to the reasonable demands of his critics, there are still Republican holdouts.

Here are the remaining Republican holdouts at the time of this publication:

• Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ) = 202-225-2635

• Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO) = 202-225-4761

• Rep-Elect. Eli Crane (AZ) = 928-233-8701

• Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) = 202-225-4136

• Rep. Bob Good (VA)= 202-225-4711

• Rep. Matt Rosendale (MT) = 202-225-3211

McCarthy has agreed to:

• Expand the Rules Committee to include more conservatives.

• Break up the budget bills into their 13 parts so members can vote for some parts and against others

• Refrain from certain campaign spending to choose among Republicans in primaries.

• Permit separate roll call votes on earmarks to expose them and reduce their number and frequency.

These are reforms conservatives have been seeking for 40 years.

The Republican Party, former President Trump, the MAGA movement are all being held up to ridicule because of these seven men and women who are acting with selfish intent.

Some hold a grudge against McCarthy because may have backed their opponents in primary fights. Others want certain committee assignments or chairmanships, and others are born anarchists.

We need to hold them accountable, so please call or email them.

We need two of the six to end this madness.

Please speak up and be heard!

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