Presidents Need a Daily Majority

By Dick Morris on September 24, 2021

We all like to zero in on each day’s tracking polls in the news to see how Biden is doing (particularly lately). But we need to check each day’s ratings for reasons other than ghoulish curiosity. The fact is that each day’s ratings for a president directly affect his power and ability to deliver on his agenda.

We have become much more like England in that a president needs a daily vote of confidence in order to perform. But this vote comes not from the House of Commons or the Congress, but instead from the likes of Gallup, Rasmussen, Reuters, and McLoughlin. Each each day’s ratings are the American equivalent of a vote of confidence or no confidence. In the UK, Prime Ministers can be forced out of office or elections can be required if the ratings drop too low. In America we serve for a set term, irrespective of the polling, but the president’s power is often severely attenuated by drops in the polls.

In fact, given the propensity of Congress in recent years to impeach a president, this daily vote of confidence might eventually force his resignation even in the U.S.

But, for now, the impact of a drop in the polling is not so drastic. In fact, it’s akin to an impairment of your immune system in that it makes you vulnerable to opportunistic and episodic infections such as the inability to pass your Health care program or universal amnesty.

So, we would be wrong to attribute Biden’s recent legislative reversals simply to the defects in his proposals. If Biden’s popularity were still intact the proposals would look much more attractive and very likely pass. His dismal ratings are the source of all his ills.

It’s funny how it works. The lower a presidents ratings drop the more Congress sees him as ideologically extreme or incompetent, or in Biden’s case, senile. But the real culprit in his diminished popularity is that his ratings are down. And the cycle of cause and effect continues.


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