By Dick Morris on June 14, 2011

Dear Friend,

So far, the single most important change to come to America after the 2010 election victory has been the education reforms and public employee union collective bargaining limitations passed in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee, and Florida.

Particularly important were the reforms Governor Scott Walker pushed through in Wisconsin:

• He limited collective bargaining by public unions to issues of wages and benefits.

• He opened the door to paying teachers based on merit not seniority.

• He made it possible to fire bad teachers despite tenure.

• If layoffs are necessary, he made it possible to do them based on merit not seniority.

• And he gave parents the right to choose which school was right for their children.

But no sooner did the union thugs clear out of the Wisconsin State Capitol than they began to agitate to repeal the reforms or to overrule them in the courts. They tried to oust Justice David Presser, the swing conservative vote on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and we narrowly defeated them.

Now the unions are trying again to cripple the reforms. They will stop at nothing to block them and restore their control over state government.

I don’t live in Wisconsin. But, on this fight, my heart is there! If the unions can destroy the brave elected officials who backed reform, no legislator and no governor in any other state will have the strength to try it again.

We need your financial donations to run ads in Wisconsin over the next four weeks to educate voters about the reforms that Walker and the Legislature passed so that the union efforts to torpedo them are not successful.

The Democrats and labor leaders are pouring millions into Wisconsin over the next 28 days to influence the public and turn them against these vital reforms.

Please, please, please, please send us money to save these reforms. With them we can educate our children and destroy the financial base of the left wing of the Democratic Party. But if the reforms fail, the movement will crash and burn and we will never have another opportunity like this again. In Wisconsin or anyplace else!

Click Here to donate online.

To make a donation by check, please make check payable to:

“The Presidential Coalition – Wisconsin” at 1006 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington D.C. 20003.

Thank you,

Dick Morris

P.S. Time is vital. This 28 day period is the crucial one. We need your donations right now!!!!!

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