In Praise Of Roger Ailes

By Dick Morris on May 18, 2017

Roger Ailes belongs right up there with William Buckley as a key force in adapting and popularizing modern conservatism for a new audience. Just as Buckley rescued us from the me-too-ism of the New Deal era, so Roger helped us find our voice after Reagan had left the scene.

In a thoroughly modern style, he did it not by his speeches or writings but by creating a media format, in Fox News, that let others articulate what was in our hearts and on our minds. Without Ailes, we would still have to be content with the droppings of the conventional media, accepting their center-left synthesis of current opinion.

But Ailes made it possible for us to be heard. He created the pre-conditions for our political triumphs.

And, in the process, he forced other outlets to choose their paths. MSNBC has found success in becoming the liberal alternative. CNN has yet to find its place.

Now, we can only hope and pray that the Murdoch family does not undo all the good it has done. Without Roger to keep them on the conservative path, we don’t really know what to expect.

But Roger Ailes will be a loss for us all. Rest in Peace.

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