How To Pass The Jimmy Kimmel Test

By Dick Morris on September 20, 2017

Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has outlined a test for ObamaCare fixes. After his son survived a serious illness whose huge cost was borne by ObamaCare, he challenged Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy — a co-sponsor of the Graham-Cassidy replacement of ObamaCare that is gaining momentum in Congress — to show that his replacement would have made the money available to treat his son.

Good point.

Graham-Cassidy should be amended to meet the Jimmy Kimmel test. Here’s how:

ObamaCare faces the same problem of excessive medical costs to treat complex illnesses. Its solution is to have a special program to pay big medical bills that ordinary insurance can’t cover. It’s called Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Program (PCIP). Between 2010 and 2012, PCIP insured 134,708 people and paid medical bills averaging $32,108 per recipient. Its total cost was $4.3 billion. 4.4% of the PCIP patients accounted for half of the program’s cost.

Graham-Cassidy should be amended to keep PCIP in place under the same conditions. It would fit into the Graham-Cassidy framework easily. States would have the option of referring patients to the PCIP pool whenever their medical bills rose to a point where it was needed.

End of story.

Everybody would be covered if their bills rose too high. It would pass the Jimmy Kimmel test.

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