Only 3 Days Left To Protect Conservative Political Activity From IRS

By Dick Morris on February 26, 2014

Dear Friend,

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop IRS Assault On Our Freedom!

On Friday, February 28th, the comment period will expire to fight the IRS proposed rule virtually prohibiting political activity by conservative groups. If you have not already submitted your comment opposing this rule, please do so right away!

We have sent in 70,000 comments so far — a huge number almost ten times that submitted over the Keystone Pipeline for example — but we want to pile it on!

Go to and the enter 134417-13, the number of the regulation and enter your comments.

Please also sign this petition which we will send to your Senators and Congressman.

And get your friends and family to do the same!

The IRS rule would classify as political activity all the work of Tea Party groups including voter registration, nonpartisan efforts to get out the vote and to counter voter fraud, any efforts at public education even unrelated to an election.

The idea is to make it impossible for Tea Party groups to qualify for the tax exempt status the Citizens United decision gives them by forcing them to categorize all their actions as political. (The law permits 49% to be political in order to get the exemption).

Tax exemption is not to protect donors. Donations are never tax exempt. They are to stop the IRS from imposing business and corporate profits taxes on Tea Party groups. Since these groups have little in the way of overhead, all donations would be classified as profits and the Tea Parties would owe taxes on them all — 28% tax rate. And the taxes would be retroactive to 2009 when the Tea Party was formed. It would kill the movement. And that is the intent.

So please speak up. We have only 3 days of free speech left!

Click Here To Sign The Petition To Stop IRS Assault On Our Freedom!


Dick Morris

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