By Dick Morris on May 23, 2011

No American Jew who values the existence of the nation of Israel can kid himself any longer. President Obama is against the Jewish state. His speech on Thursday overtly embraces the position of the Palestinians and is designed to force Israel to surrender to their domination.

How else are we to interpret a demand that Israel return to its 1967 borders and that this be the starting point for further negotiations? The 1967 borders include a waist line across the middle of Israel that is all of twelve miles in length. It can be walked easily in four hours and driven in less than fifteen minutes. A jet would take one minute to overfly it.

To force Israel into indefensible borders is not a prelude to a solution. It is the prelude to a modern equivalent of the Final Solution – the destruction of Israel and of the seven million Jews who live there.

Who can pretend that shrinking Israel would appease the Arabs any more than dismembering Czechoslovakia appeased Hitler? The Palestinians, long kept seething with grievances by the United Nations refugee agency, Hamas, and the PA, want the right of return. They demonstrated this just last week as they approached Israel’s borders demanding admission. Short of having their farms and homes back – and driving out the Jews who have lived there for more than sixty years – there is no compromise that they will accept.

And what is the backdrop for Obama’s embrace of the essential Palestinian demand? It takes place a few weeks after the merger of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, committing both to the destruction of Israel. This is the entity Obama wants Israel to trust twelve miles from the sea!

If the last few months of revolutions in the Arab world have demonstrated anything, it is that the Arab street is more concerned with its own economic well being and in getting out from under the despotism of their regimes than about the plight of the Palestinians.

The consequences for Jewish Democrats of Obama’s remarks are profound. They must each now choose, bluntly and without room for equivocation between their support for Obama and their backing for Israel. It is not Israel or the Republican Party that has forced this choice upon them. It is the President himself whose anti-Israel bias has never been more blatantly on display.

As President Obama solicits funds from American Jews, let us all remember our family, friends, and compatriots in Israel and honor them by saying no. It is the time for American Jews to choose. Just like it was in 1938.

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