By Dick Morris on July 25, 2008

Every day for the past week, I have been anxiously following Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll watching for an Obama bounce from his foreign foray. And every day, the polling shows the same tie that it has shown, inexplicably, for three weeks. (I say inexplicably because of McCain’s inept campaign). Now, finally, after his marvelous Berlin speech, he is showing what Rasmussen calls a “modest” four point bounce.

The difficulty Obama has had in mounting a sustainable lead illustrates the depth of the sales resistance to him among average American voters. His ongoing inability to win the votes of women over 50, in particular, it is interesting and shows that their fear of the “other” is quite pronounced. If McCain were to run a series of ads for weeks on end about Obama’s flip flops, he might make it permanently impossible for the Democrat to mount a lead.

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