Obama’s Amnesty Is a Never-Ending Cycle

By Dick Morris on November 21, 2014

President Obama’s decision to grant amnesty to between 4 and 5 million people is really part of an ongoing cyclical process of immigration-amnesty-more immigration.

He intends this amnesty to provoke a new wave of illegal entry into the United States, creating a new pool of illegal immigrants awaiting their own amnesty.

And in the meantime, they will constitute a “ghost army” able to vote illegally with no requirement that they present photo identification.

Obama’s previous grant of amnesty — to the group known as “DREAMERS” — triggered a flood of new illegal immigration from Central America. No sooner did they arrive than Obama packed them off to all parts of the country, likely shielding them from deportation.

His new amnesty, based on giving legal status to those who have had anchor babies in the U.S., suggests a simple strategy for the coming wave of illegal immigrants: Come here, sneak over the border, have a baby in the U.S., and wait for your amnesty.

None of these outcomes are unintended consequences of the president’s program — they lie at its very core. In our book “Power Grab,” we explain how Obama uses this cycle of amnesty and immigration to pad his electorate and power the left into office using demographically based politics.

But Obama’s nightmare is that even as he catalyzes millions of new immigrants, Latinos who have lived here for many years might be assimilating, voting as independents unwilling to toe the ethnic voting line. The president’s economic policies, which decrease upward mobility, may retard assimilation, but the process is proceeding nonetheless.

In the 2012 election, 75 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama. But this year, only 63 percent did.

When will the Latino vote go Republican? When it is no longer the Latino vote. The same assimilation, intermarriage, and merging which has extinguished the German-American, Italian-American, and Irish-American vote, making them all just American voters, is at work among Hispanics.

Democrats would prefer that Latinos follow the model of African-Americans, whose resentment, memory of past discrimination, and worry about ongoing racism keep them bound to the Democratic Party even as they move up the income ladder. But Latinos give every evidence of being more like the traditional immigrant groups that merge into the American population and culture.

In a sense, the very removal of the grievance over immigration reform, implicit in Obama’s amnesty, may serve to undermine his purpose by reducing the racial tensions which keep Latinos Democrat.

Devout Catholics and increasingly evangelical Protestants, the Latino vote embraces values shared largely by Republicans. Their move to the right as they advance economically may swing the electorate back to the Republicans.

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