By Dick Morris on January 16, 2008

In yesterday’s Democratic debate, you got mixed up with who is ahead and who is behind. Despite Clinton’s large double digit leads in Florida, New York, and California, Barack Obama seemed content to coast, not scoring points and avoiding any criticism of his rival. For her part, knowing that she is ahead, Hillary was happy to oblige in the love fest that followed.

While Obama kept talking about special interest campaign contributions he missed chance after chance to tie them to Clinton. Asked about funds for troubled American banks, he never said that Bill’s financial dealings with Dubai and the $10 million donation from the Saudi royal family to the Clinton library make it almost impossible for the Senator from New York to avoid a massive conflict of interest in assessing what’s best for our country and our economy.

Asked about his contributions from people employed by drug companies, Obama never underscored Hillary’s massive donations from drug companies or the record of some of the companies that have given her money.

Obama was out to lunch in that debate.

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