By Dick Morris on March 18, 2011

Where is Barack Obama? Is he still in office? As he jets off with his family for a taxpayer-paid vacation in Rio, does he realize the world is falling apart around him?

Does he realize that the radical unrest and disturbances in the Middle East are driving oil and gasoline prices so high that a double dip recession – this time with inflation – is increasingly likely?

Does he get it that the catastrophe in Japan may wipe out 12% of the world’s economy for the time being, creating huge economic problems for the U.S.?

Does he understand that he could have stopped the bloodshed in Libya by declaring a no fly zone three weeks ago and that if he does it now, he can still stop a brutal dictator from murdering thousands more?

Does he know that he is still president and that he federal budget is his responsibility? Or does he plan on laying back, doing nothing, and letting the two houses of Congress fight it out?

And how about Muslim extremism? Does he understand that a potentially disastrous Caliphate is emerging from Morocco to Iran dedicated to promoting the worst of global terrorism?

And does he remember that we are at war in Afghanistan and that we have 369,000 troops deployed overseas, away from their families at great expense to the taxpayer? Does he realize that we are not winning in Afghanistan and probably can’t win with his current policies?

While he bathes on the beaches of Rio, does he get it that the federal government has to borrow $40 billion a week to stay afloat and that the national debt grows by about 1% every month?

We have gone from wishing for another president to wishing for a president! A leader to take action as these crucial challenges loom

The image of fiddling on the beaches of South America as Rome burns is coming to define the Obama presidency.

The right wing has always disliked Obama. Independents have usually joined in the criticism. But such weakness, passivity, and out-of-touch disconnection with events — in the face of such events! – will likely even erode his base among liberals.

When Hillary Clinton leaks to the media that she favored stronger action in Libya and is upset with the White House dithering, can the rest of the left be far behind?

VOTE NOW: Would Hillary Have Made A Better President Than Obama?

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