By Dick Morris on October 12, 2007

In one of the most bizarre moments in the 2007-8 presidential race, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson have all filed papers to withdraw from the Michigan presidential primary in conformity with the diktat of the Democratic National Committee that THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER PRIMARY BEFORE NEW HAMPSHIRE. They literally are conceding all the delegates from one of America’s largest states to Hillary! And they are doing this in order to show their loyalty to the voters of two tiny states — Iowa and New Hampshire — whose caucus and primary come before Michigan. It is unreal. Rather than defy the party rules, as the likely party nominee is doing, they have chosen to sacrifice a huge load of potential delegates to pander to the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire.

No other single move by these candidates could demonstrate their degree of hopelessness in the struggle to overtake Hillary, who has now moved up to 50% of the Democratic primary vote in the Fox News poll, with Obama trailing at 18% and Edwards at 13%!

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