NYT, WASHPO Must Want Hillary To Run

By Dick Morris on February 17, 2022

The simultaneous publication of stories in both the Washington Post and the New York Times defending Hillary from prosecutorial allegations — in official court documents — that she had operatives spy on Donald Trump before, during and after his 2016 campaign in an attempt to add to and embellish their false claims of collusion with Russia is, in effect, an indication that the Democratic establishment wants her to rescue the party from the extreme Left by running for president.

Neither the Washington Post nor the New York Times would have run their stories at the behest of Hillary’s PR machine were they not in the tank for her presidential candidacy.

The media treats Hillary and Bill very differently depending on the circumstances surrounding their deeds — and misdeeds. When Bill was president, the loved to parade stories about the Whitewater scandal and then about Monica. But during Bill’s 1996 fight for re-election against Republican Bob Dole, they wrote nary a word about it. In fact, the Times managing editor called me to arrange an interview saying that he “wasn’t interested in what happened in Arkansas twenty years ago (meaning Whitewater).” The resulting story in the Times Sunday magazine was a whitewash.

But when they don’t like what the Clintons are up to, the media coverage can be vicious. It depends on whether or not they need Clinton to win.

Now they do. Hence the favorable coverage. The media/liberal establishment wants Hillary to run and rescue the party from Biden’s and Harris’ terrible poll numbers and to head off a possible challenge from an ultra-leftist like AOC that, they fear, would be doomed to a massive defeat. Just as in 2020, when they hyped Biden’s candidacy to head off Bernie Sanders’ gathering momentum, so now they see Hillary riding to their rescue.

Nothing could be plainer than their thought process in answering the charges by reputable prosecutor John Durham so quickly and decisively a few days after they surfaced. They rightly considered the charge that she arranged for a contractor to spy on the Oval Office while he was maintaining their internet equipment was so lethal that it might finally form the basis of a long-delayed obituary for this unscrupulous politician.

So, they sprang into action, seeking to discredit charges made under penalty of perjury by a widely respected U.S. Attorney. They couldn’t let the charges stand and still look to Hillary as a viable candidate in 2024.

By the time either leftist newspaper makes a formal endorsement of Hillary, we all will have grown old. But the early indication conveyed by these biased articles makes it clear where they are headed and where their hearts lie.

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