Now Podesta And Hillary Join The Begging For $1.00 Donation; Why They Really Want This

By Dick Morris on June 30, 2015

The Clinton campaign has been frantically trying to get 500,000 people to donate $1.00.


So they can gather information about individuals making small donations. This information isn’t required by FEC law. But Clinton wants to get it to build an A+ list of aggressive supporters.

Here’s how John Podesta preceded his begging for $1.00 yesterday:

Before the fundraising deadline on June 30th, we are reviewing all donation records to ensure completion. Here is what we have down for this email address:

Status: HFA Supporter – Thank you! (But looks like you haven’t chipped in yet)

Suggested contribution: $1.00

In typical Hillary fashion, Podesta let the recipient know they’re keeping track of them. Carville did the same yesterday. Big Sister is out there.

But guess what, when you click through, there is no button for $1.00. The choices range from $5.00 to $250 — although you can fill in “other amount”.

Why is the campaign so invested in this? Because they are getting personal information that would not be required to collect for low money donations.

Earlier in the day, Finance Chairman Dennis Cheng confirmed this:

“This isn’t just about the money — although, it is definitely partially about the money. It’s also about having a public list of the people who stepped up to support Hillary before our first FEC deadline.”

At 8:00 AM this morning, Hillary sent out her begging email, claiming they only needed 4,613 more contributors of to meet their goal of 500,000. She’s “nervous” they won’t reach it.

So why do they want this so badly?

One reason is that it significantly lowers the average campaign donation. The maximum is $2700, so if half a million give $1, that will bring the $2700 way down.

Also, this is the best way to get a list of A+ supporters. That can be used to go back and back and back.

Most important, though, is creating a list that is not required by law. Donations of under $200 can be aggregated into one number,

So Clinton wants to get names and info to build her fundraising list. That’s all.

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