Now Democrats Echo Concerns About Economy

By Dick Morris on October 8, 2021

At the time of the 2020 election, there was stark disagreement between Democrats and Republicans about the state of the economy. Pew Research reported at the time that while 81% of Republicans rated economic conditions (pre-COVID) as excellent or good, only 19% of Democrats did so.

But now it’s different.

Both parties more or less agree that the economy is currently in the toilet.

Most recently, Pew found that only 34% of Democrats and 16% of Republicans rate it as excellent or good.

Inflation is the top economic worry of both parties, as 63% of Americans said they were “very concerned” and 30% were “somewhat concerned” with rising prices for food and consumer goods. Majorities in both parties, 70% of Republicans and 56% of Democrats, stated they were very concerned.

This consensus about where we now stand opens the door for a bi-partisan condemnation of Biden’s policies and tenure.

The parties now agree on the facts, but just differ on their opinions and solutions.

That’s progress — great progress — in our polarized politics. Its implications for the midterm elections are profound.

Now, the Democrats must make the case that the Republican failure to pass even more of Biden’s spending program is somehow responsible for the rapid increase of inflation. This will be a very hard sell.


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