Naming Only A Black Woman To Court Misrepresents Role Of Court

By Dick Morris on January 31, 2022

The Supreme Court is not there to represent the American people, much less a demographic sample of them. It is there to interpret the US Constitution for us. Its ultimate responsibility is to a document, not to the electorate.

It made sense for Biden to pledge to nominate a black woman as vice-president. America’s twenty million black woman deserve representation. Biden’s only error was in nominating an idiot.

But when it comes to the Court, it shouldn’t matter if the justices are men or women, white or black or Latino, bald or not! Demographics offer no clue about what the words on the parchment mean or how they should be interpreted.

Basing his appointment to the Court on race and gender, as opposed to intellect and experience distorts the process and biases our feeling about the validity and wisdom of the Court’s rulings.

But let’s be honest. Biden doesn’t care about demographic representation. He only cares about fidelity to his radical left-wing ideology. In Stephen Breyer, he sees a judge who was at best a disappointment and at worst a traitor. He was the liberal equivalent of the many so-called conservative judges, like Roberts, who enter the Court appointed by a Republican and then convert to liberalism and vote against the ideology of the man who appointed him.

Breyer, appointed by Bill Clinton, thought for himself. In the seminal case of Bush v Gore, he strayed from the party line and in other cases has always marched to the beat of his own drummer. It was only when Clinton appointed a judge based on ethnicity that he got a true liberal in Sotomayor. Now Biden has learned, and he is taking no chances by naming a minority as justice so that her birthright secures her left wing vote.

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