Mrs. Clinton Left Some Facts Out

By Dick Morris on June 16, 2015

In her announcement speech, Hillary laid out a progressive agenda, but she glossed over some important facts that deserve consideration — especially how her programs would be paid for:

1. She said, “Let’s staff our primary and secondary schools with teachers second to none who receive the pay they deserve.”

But — after supporting teacher tenure reform in Arkansas, she is now opposed to competency tests for current teachers, merit pay for teachers, and an end to tenure, assuring that we will not have teachers who are “second to none.”

2. She said, “Our country won’t be competitive or fair if we don’t help families give their kids the best possible start in life.”

But — she opposes school choice which would allow parents to send their students to private schools (like she did with Chelsea) or church schools.

3. She said she “wanted to make college affordable without crushing student loan debt.”

But — she opposes legislation sponsored by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) to let states decide what colleges are eligible for student loans, allowing online course offerings and entire college curricula which would lower dramatically the cost of higher education.

4. She said she wanted to “make health care affordable without breaking the bank.”

But — after doubling many health insurance premiums, insurers are set to force additional hikes of up to 50% in many states since ObamaCare enrollment has not reach desired levels among the young and healthy.

5. She accused Republicans of wanting to “strip 16 million Americans of health insurance.”

But — the King v. Burwell case puts only 6 million, NOT 16 MILLION, at risk, 80% of whom had affordable insurance before ObamaCare stripped them of it. She also ignores the fact that most Republicans agree that, if the Court strips away subsidies, federal tax credits should be available to states to take their place.

6. She called for paid sick leave and flexible scheduling of work hours to permit education and child care. She also called for increases in the minimum wage.

But — she is not suggesting any government funding to pay for these programs. By making business come up with the money, she will be encouraging outsourcing and automation as employers work to cut the costs she has imposed.

7. She criticized the Citizens United decision and called for a Constitutional amendment allowing restrictions on giving to political campaigns.

But — she did not say that such an amendment would effectively limit the free speech provisions of the First Amendment, with potentially catastrophic implications. She also didn’t mention the need for restrictions on high paid speeches for candidates and their spouses.

8. Finally, she demanded a stop “to the flow of secret unaccountable money corrupting our political process.”

But — she made no mention of the secret donations to the Clinton Foundation that, even today, she refuses fully to disclose.

The new Hillary has a lot in common with the old Hillary. Lots of spending, not much detail, no suggestions about how to pay for her plans, and nothing at all that would change anything for her, her husband, and her Foundation.

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