Media Tries To Start A Republican Civil War

By Dick Morris on November 8, 2022

The media enemies of Donald Trump realize that with his incredible victories in the midterm elections, he is on a glide path to the Republican nomination for president.

As it becomes increasingly likely that Biden will be forced to announce he’s not running again, the prospect of a bitter Democratic primary for the 2024 nomination — while Trump has a free pass to the GOP nod — is more than the Fake News media can tolerate.

So now, the fake news is resorting to its ultimate invention: fomenting a primary between Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump. The nominal basis for their speculation is a joke the president told at his rally three days ago describing the Florida governor as Ron “DeSanctimonious”. This was no more than Trump being Trump, giving vent to a cute joke at the expense of a fellow politician.

Trump no more intends to stir up a battle with DeSantis than he wants a bad case of the flu. For his part, DeSantis knows that if he causes a rift in the Republican Party fracturing it as it faces the Democrats in the 2024 election, the base will never forgive him, and it will blow his chances of being president in 2028.

But the fake news media cannot resist telling the Republicans: “lets you and him fight.”

The magnitude of what Donald Trump has achieved in 2022 is only gradually becoming clear. He took a political situation in which two-thirds of the incumbent senators up for reelection are Republicans and transformed it into a year in which the Republican likely will take control of the Senate.

Trump did so by boldly endorsing new faces — dedicated MAGA Republicans — to run against Democratic incumbents. He recruited non-politician candidates like JD Vance in Ohio, Herschel Walker in Georgia, Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, and Blake Masters in Arizona — all men of distinction outside of the world of politics.

Trump was opposed by the established forces that dominate the Republican Party and boldly took them on in primary fights. He won them all – except for the Georgia governorship — and demonstrated his total ascendancy in the Party.

Then, after the primaries, when his candidates won, the Republican establishment, led by Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, said that Trump’s candidates were doomed in the general election. They could win primaries by stoking the Trump base but could not broaden their appeal to win in general elections.

As of this writing, we still don’t know how they did. But the Fake News Media understands that Trump must be stopped.

They have two weapons: The possibility of more prosecutions and lawsuits against Trump and a DeSantis primary that splits the Party. But, as it becomes clear that any move by the Justice Department against Trump will probably just redound to his benefit, the media is increasingly betting on encouraging a primary between Trump and DeSantis.

Sensing an opening from Trump’s wisecrack, they are determined to drive a wedge between the two leading Republicans and cause a fight.

But the objective of ending Democratic rule in Washington is so paramount that few will take the bait. Republicans, in general, and Trump supporters, in particular, will keep their eye on the ball: beating the Democrats.

They will not be distracted or divided by the Fake News Media.

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