Media Myths: How Fake News Media Is Trying To Kill Trump

By Dick Morris on December 5, 2022

The Fake News media has worked to spread widely disinformation about Trump. If you follow only their broadcasts, you see a totally distorted view of reality.

Media Myth: Republicans are moving on past Trump

Truth: He maintains a 55-25 lead over DeSantis in the primary. All other candidates are in single digits.

Media Myth: Republicans lost the last election.

Truth: The GOP won the popular vote by 52.5–47.5, a massive turnaround from its 7-point defeat in the popular vote in 2020. Getting control of the House is key.

Media Myth: Trump is toxic.

Truth: The following Trump-endorsed Senate candidates facing tough fights — won:

• Budd = North Carolina

• Vance = Ohio

• Johnson = Wisconsin

• Schmitt = Missouri

• Britt = Alabama

• Lankford = Oklahoma

• Mullin = Oklahoma

• Lee = Utah

• Grassley = Iowa

His record in 22 was 9 wins and 6 losses.

Media Myth: Trump is to blame for Senate defeats.

Truth: The failure of Republicans to vote early was the key factor in the ’22 losses. In Pennsylvania, for example, Fetterman got 700,000 early votes compared to only 100,000 for Oz.

Media Myth: Trump flirts with white supremacists.

Truth: He had dinner with a man who he did not know had an unfortunate record of that hateful ideology. But Trump raised black incomes and lowered black unemployment the most of any administration.

Media Myth: Trump called for termination of the Constitution.

Truth: In the wake of the revelation of Twitter conspiring with Biden to suppress and discredit the contents of Hunter’s laptop, he called for hearings to find out what happened, curbs on the ability of tech outlets — monopolies all — to suppress news and advance political agendas,

So, let’s all keep in mind that Trump, unlike any other candidate, has been a remarkably successful president who did not destroy the Constitution, led the Republican Party to a major 2016 and to a gain of fourteen House seats in 2020 and ten more in 2022.

He recorded record Republican votes among blue collar white and Latino votes while expanding the GOP vote among black men.

He will likely be the Republican candidate in 2024 so the media is blasting him. But don’t let the Democrats choose our candidate!

We need Donald Trump.

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