Media Disinformation Says Trump Is Fading. Not True

By Dick Morris on December 19, 2022

The mainstream media is peddling a falsehood in its repeated claims that Trump’s star is fading and his support eroding.

Despite two flawed surveys — one by the WSJ and the other by USA Today — the fact is that Trump’s hold on the Republican primary electorate is as strong as ever. John McLaughlin, of McLaughlin and Associates, who polls for Trump and has a remarkable record of accuracy, says that if the Republican primary for the presidential nomination were held today, Trump would beat DeSantis, his nearest competitor, by 58-36, exactly the same margin as he found in his November 8th survey.

Rather than indicate diminishing support, McLaughlin’s findings show a remarkable degree of solidity in Trump’s vote share. Despite being blamed for the Republican Party’s marginal performance in the Midterm elections, for the Georgia runoff defeat, and for allegedly consorting with white supremacists, Trump remains dominant.

The two media polls the mainstream press cites to illustrate Trump’s downfall both used a sample that failed to screen for likely voters. But that doesn’t stop the media disinformation.

A recent USA Today piece piled it on with evident bias saying that “Trump has seen his support slide among Republican allies and supporters alike.” The paper used its own flawed data to proclaim that “Trump is losing steam.” The paper also cited “Trump’s dwindling support.”

This, after his candidates vanquished all competition in the Republican primaries of 2022 and he went on to score nine victories against only six defeats in the general elections for Senator.

The establishment is determined to stop Trump’s re-election and will use any excuse to denigrate his prospects. We Republicans must beware of their tactics and not fall prey to them.

We must not let the other party determine who will be our candidate. They know full well that Trump is the strongest contender and are hell bent on diminishing him.

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