By Dick Morris on November 3, 2008

It’s only a one night poll, but John Zogby reports that his Friday night survey shows McCain leading Obama by 48 to 47. It’s only a one night poll (as opposed to the usual three day moving average) but it is 1,000 interviews. It is also over Halloween night! But it is the first poll in three weeks that shows McCain leading. What’s up? We think that the advertisement being run by is having an effect. It is an ad featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright decrying America and calling it “the USA of KKK” while Obama sat, deaf-mute in the congregation. By bringing the shocking reality of Rev. Wright back to America’s TV screens; is performing an important public service. It is just not credible that Obama sat in the congregation for twenty years, asked the Reverend to officiate at his wedding and to baptize his children, titled his book after one of his sermons, and did not know the kind of vile, anti-American hatred he was spewing.

Because of private donations (which they can still receive and usefully spend until Monday morning) may have changed the entire election of 2008. Their courageous willingness to face up to what Rev. Wright says and what Obama apparently tolerates may finally be awakening the American people to the danger they face in the Obama candidacy. has raised $9 million so far. The amount that they are spending in the last four days on their ad (see it on exceeds the amount being spent on any single McCain ad. It is fundamentally changing this election.

Tuesday is Election Day. But if Americans want to stop the Obama express from changing this nation in ways we can only begin to anticipate, it is important to go online to and donate funds to bring the message to the American people.

There is still time.

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