By Dick Morris on February 6, 2008

The California result likely means that Hillary will be the Democratic nominee. And John McCain can beat her. He appeals to Hispanics and to the disaffected Obama voters. The enthusiasm of the Obama voters for a lobbyist free candidate will feed directly into McCain’s message. Hillary’s and Bill’s ties to the special interests will be a big problem for them as they face the patented outsider — McCain.

Now its time for Romney and Huckabee to give up the race. Romney has failed, demonstrably, to translate his funds into delegates. Huckabee has succeeded, equally demonstrably, in translating his charisma, without any funds, into delegates. But if Romney pulls out, so should Huckabee. McCain should unite the party by tapping Huckabee for VP. And then go on to beat Hillary Clinton and spare our nation the agony of her presidency.

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