By Dick Morris on January 20, 2010

Dear Reader:

We have just witnessed a massive political tsunami.

The result in Massachusetts, the single most liberal state in the nation, shows how public opinion is changing across this whole country.

First, of all, thank you for your tremendous help in moving America away from the Obama agenda!

The League of American Voters, where I serve as chief strategist, has been at the forefront of stopping Obama’s radical agenda, pushed as it is by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

The results of our work are now evident.

But there is much, much more we must do. I can promise you that Obama, Reid and Pelosi will not stop.

They are already plotting to keep Scott Brown out of the Senate by a procedural move delaying his swearing in, so they can pass their radical healthcare bill in the dark of the night while America sleeps.

Well, America is no longer asleep!

You may remember that when I first approached you in July of 2009, we were in dire straits.

Obama’s radical healthcare plan had popular support in the polls and it looks like his agenda would steamroll through over any opposition.

Now, thanks to groups like the League and your help, Obama is lagging badly in the polls, the country is in revolt against his rule and his power is sharply circumscribed. He may be able to pass some sort of health care bill, but it will be his last major piece of legislation.

When the League entered the fray, we quickly built a firewall around Obama’s support.

We then systematically targeted key groups backing his plan.

After studying polls, I saw that Seniors overwhelming backed Obamacare.

I had the League begin a national TV ad campaign exposing how Obamacare hurts Seniors, will lead to rationing and massive cuts in Medicare.

Within months, Seniors’ support for Obama collapsed. Seniors today OPPOSE Obamacare by 2:1.

The League conducted another poll and we found that almost every key group opposed Obamacare except young voters, who backed it overwhelmingly.

I immediately had the League begin a TV ad campaign and online effort targeting young voters to expose the dangers of Obamacare.

We put together a funny ad using the Mac commercial format. We explained how Obama wanted to tax old people for Medicare (young people oppose this) and that youth who don’t buy Obamacare insurance would be fined or even jailed under the Democratic plan.

Need to say, support among the young for Obamacare has also collapsed.

The only folks supporting Obamacare are the out-of-touch Democrats in Washington!

Make no mistake about it, Scott Brown’s election has sent shock waves in Congress, and we may even see surprise Democratic defections from those supporting Obama care.

But, we can’t count on this.

Obama and Pelosi want to push through a radical agenda.

They have big plans this year, massive new taxes and regulations for cap-and-trade, new rules to help unions and bust small business, new tax increases on the “rich”, more naiveté on dealing with terrorism, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

We cannot go back to sleep again. We must fight back, and now.

I have prepared a detailed plan for the League of American Voters to target 50 swing Congressional districts and 10 U.S. Senators, so these members of Congress will hear from YOU, the American people, to STOP Obama’s socialist plans for America.

All of these Congressmen and Senators hail from districts and states that are very opposed to Obama’s radical agenda.

This will not be easy. It is a long term effort that will take months to accomplish.

The League needs to begin TV ads in all of these districts and states exposing their Congressmen and Senators for their votes and educating the voters in those states and districts to demand an end to these plans and programs being crammed down America’s throat.

I estimate we will need to raise $16 million to accomplish this plan.

When we started the League’s efforts for Obamacare, I wrote to you and said we needed to raise $5 million. I can report to you today we have raised very close to that from close to 50,000 donors.

I can also report to you that this is truly a grassroots effort, no single donor gave more than $25,000. The average donation was about $90.

We represent you, the people. Almost all of our funds have gone into our media efforts to stop Obamacare.

We don’t have luxury offices, big staffs, or fat salaries.

I can assure you that your funds have and will be used directly on the frontlines to stop Obama’s agenda.

We are doing our part.

But we need your help.

I am asking you to do two things for us today.

First, continue your support by donating again to the League of American Voters.

But second, please consider agreeing to a monthly donation to the League of American Voters.


We have made it easy on the donation form for you to donate just once, or monthly on a recurring basis. The reason to do so is that your monthly commitment can permit us to plan out a year long effort to move public opinion in these key districts against the Obama program.

With your pledges in hand, we can begin the process of changing the direction of Congress by changing public opinion in the key, swing districts and states.

Please pledge as much as you can so that we can take back America!



Dick Morris

Paid for by the League of American Voters. Contributions to the League of American Voters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from individuals and corporations are permitted by law and welcome.

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