Mark Levin Strikes Again

By Dick Morris on October 4, 2015

Mark Levin’s new book, Plunder and Deceit, takes aim at the familiar catalog of destructive Obama Administration policies but with a new twist: He focuses, specifically, on how they harm children and the next generation.

It’s quite a catalog beginning with how Common Core compromises educational integrity and quality and proceeds to show how the student loan industry keeps professors overpaid and underworked while it jails our young in a modern debtor’s prison of obligations. He explains how ObamaCare requires the young to pay higher insurance premiums that they should and how Social Security represents a massive robbery of our children to support us in our old age. Levin chronicles how a host of public services are now being run to fund salaries and pensions of the workers who provide them, not to meet the needs of their intended recipients. Nowhere is this pattern more blatant than in education where he teachers unions have come to epitomize the famous saying of their founder Albert Shanker who said “when school children start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of children.”

Ultimately, ObamaCare will squeeze state and local budgets as they struggle to pay for the vast expansion of Medicaid. By 2020, when the federal subsidies dial back and end, the burden of paying the local share of Medicaid will absorb all state revenues that might have been earmarked for education. Forget about any teacher pay raises in the future. The money all went to Medicaid. We are paying for the health costs of America’s poor (but not old) off the backs of our children’s education.

But most interesting is the basic question Levin asks: Why are we so protective of our children as parents and so reckless in endangering them as citizens, voters, and taxpayers? On the one hand, we overprotect our young and on the other, our fiscal policies are the equivalent of telling them to go play in the middle of traffic.

His question is capitalism on its head. In our economy, we use personal selfish desires to power an economy that benefits us all. But in this case, we use selfish public policies to screw our own children.

Leave it to Mark Levin to ask why.

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