Mandatory Vaccination Will Become Biden’s Biggest Blunder

By Dick Morris on September 29, 2021

While some polling reflects broad approval of a vaccine mandate, its actual enforcement will prove to be the single biggest blunder of the error-prone Biden Administration.

When the rubber meets the road and it comes down to actually firing teachers, cops, nurses and others — all hell will break loose.

This week’s Trafalgar Poll shows that, when asked, “do you think those who refuse to be vaccinated should lose their jobs?” Americans answer a resounding NO by 9-84. And Democrats are also opposed by 38-48.

Can you imagine the scenes on the news of tearful nurses saying that they served courteously and loyally during the pandemic only to be fired now for failing to get the shot?

Ultimately, the policy of mandatory vaccinations with the hammer of dismissal from jobs to enforce it, will suffer from its own internal contradiction. If the vaccine indeed works and immunizes people, why should it bother those who are vaccinated if their neighbor refuses?

Does the vaccine make us bullet proof or not?

Or is the left just practicing more social engineering in an effort to eradicate the disease globally though universal vaccination? Including two-year-olds?

The last week has shown a drop in COVID cases and deaths — the opposite of what would normally be happening as cold weather approaches. If it continues to drop, Biden will look like a fool for firing people who won’t get the shot.

This policy of getting the shot or losing your job will bring Biden down into the 30s in job approval.


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