Jan 6 Committee Is The New HUAC

By Dick Morris on November 1, 2021

As the Congressional Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot moves to subpoena members of Congress, it is emerging as the modern Democratic version of HUAC, The House Un-American Activities Committee.

HUAC was the Republican vehicle for defaming dozens of largely innocent leftists from around he country, accusing them of being dupes or “fellow travelers” with the Communist Party. It was particularly notorious for its smearing of many of our top Hollywood actors, writers, producers, and directors, maintaining a “blacklist” of its victims leading to boycotts of them by the film industry.

The January 6th Committee is similarly awash in paranoid conspiracy theories that now reach into the House itself. A riot is now portrayed as an insurrection. Unarmed protesters are now depicted as revolutionaries, the new Che Guevara’s, bent on toppling our democracy and egged on by a president who, in fact, urged them to “go home.”

The mere participation by a half dozen House Republicans in meetings to map their strategy for dealing with the allegations of chicanery in the 2020 election is apparently enough to put the new HUAC investigators on their trail, perhaps leading to the actual subpoena of sitting members of the House of Representatives in a political investigation concerning public policy.

The Democratic Party, to its everlasting credit, opposed HUAC’S un-American activities and ultimately closed it down. Now it is back under new sponsorship and with a new excuse and pretext for vilifying House members who oppose its policies.

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