By Dick Morris on June 9, 2008

Media commentators and pundits heard what they wanted to hear in Hillary’s speech on Saturday. Her endorsement of Obama and her “suspension” of her campaign seemed to indicate that it is all over. No its not.

Hillary has not released her delegates. She still has 1,639.5 pledged, elected delegates, within reach of the 2118 needed to be nominated if the super delegates break in her favor.

So, for now Hillary is deferring to Obama, bowing to party pressure. But don’t be deceived. If Obama makes a mistake and begins to drop in the polls or some other tape comes out or a new pastor emerges with more racial rhetoric, Hillary still has her 1,639.5 delegates. Count on her to back Obama in public, but look for her aides and supporters, and perhaps her husband, to raise the question of whether or not the results of the primaries should not be revisited in light of the trouble in the Obama candidacy. If Obama continues to stumble, look for the chorus to swell and crescendo into a dull roar.

Three months is an eternity in politics. With Obama having to stand up to McCain, particularly if the Republican bests him in the forums they may hold over the summer, this thing is not yet settled.

It would take a lot for the super delegates to reverse field and give Hillary the nomination. It probably won’t happen. But Hillary has not thrown in the towel. She has assumed a waiting position, circling high overhead looking down and waiting for some mishap to hit the Obama campaign so she can swoop down and pick up the nomination.

Hope springs eternal and you are deluding yourself if you think Hillary has given up.

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