In Oz’ Wake, Don’t Forget Mastriano

By Dick Morris on October 27, 2022

After Republican Dr. Oz’ dramatic and total victory in his Pennsylvania Senate race against Democrat John Fetterman, we must not forget the crucial importance of winning the governorship in the Keystone State as well.

It is hard to see how Donald Trump could be elected without carrying Pennsylvania. And it is hard to see how Trump can win in notoriously corrupt Pennsylvania unless he can stop the Democratic Secretary of the Commonwealth, Leigh M. Chapman, from cheating.

It was the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth who processed tens of thousands of votes after the court-ordered deadline in 2020. And it was Secretary Chapman who selected biased, corrupt Democratic poll workers to decide who could vote and who could not. And Chapman also let the voter information be separated from the mail in ballots so fraud was impossible to detect while he kept Republican poll watchers dozens of yards away so they could not see what was going on.

Unlike most states, Pennsylvania’s governor appoints the Secretary of State. So, it is vital that a Republican hold this position if we want to stop the 2024 election from being stolen.

Republican Doug Mastriano is locked in a close race with Democratic attorney general Josh Shapiro in the governor’s contest. The name of Donald J. Trump does not appear on the ballot, but it might as well be there because the outcome of the Mastriano-Shapiro race is vital to his chances of victory in 2024.

Mastriano, a MAGA Republican if there ever was one, is only six points behind Shapiro and Oz’ strong performance should bolster the GOP ticket.

But once the distraction of a close Oz-Fetterman race no longer dominates all political thought and conversation in Pennsylvania, Mastriano may be able to get his message across.

The Hill/Emerson survey of September 30th showed Trump one point ahead of Biden in a trial 2024 matchup. The 46% who voted for Trump in that poll should realize that without Mastriano as Governor, they are very unlikely to prevail.

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